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First Journal Entry

what is the definition of a computer?
A computer is a machine that has....

CPU graphics card memory mother board hard drive monitor fan power adapter case

Second Journal Entry

List at least 3 ways in which you currently use the internet?

first way is khanacadamy second way is wechat third way is QQ

Third Journal Entry

List as many computer-based communications mechanisms as you can.

phone computer google baidu bing you tube

Forth Journal Entry

What do you think about when you hear the word data?

Where can it be found?

it can be found in all the servers that are running and has information

Where does it come from?

it comes from every where that has data, that has data running.

new thing commin, we're gona learn java script and bigdatabases, ain't that exiting.haha

my new sulky skull project
My new spaceship game project
lesson 14 final project